Still reeling from the holidays? You’re not alone. Many parents are struggling to achieve some sense of normalcy following the madness of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s. The mess, the new additions of toys all over the house, cleaning out the fridge, everything left after houseguests leave, or suitcases to be unpacked from the trip out of town. It can be overwhelming!

I wasn’t sure where to start. One thing at a time, I thought. So I started with the easier things and worked my way down. A mental list helped. Am I completely finished getting my house back in order? No, not even close. But I feel like I have a bit of a handle on it now. And my daughter? Well, she loves that the tree is still up and toys are within reach. We removed all of the breakable ornaments and she gets to take down the rest. We’re a bit behind schedule…but we will get there! Stress is a great motivator. Certain things must get done. School and appointments, groceries and providing meals…but here, with all the holidays behind us and the mess left behind… Well, we’re trying not to sweat the small stuff!

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