April Fools!

April Fools’ Day, although not a public holiday anywhere, has been loved and hated for over 4 centuries. The start of the new year used to be at the beginning of Spring. However, sometime before the 17th century, this was changed to January first. According to some of the info one can find online, those who failed to make the calendar change and still celebrated the New Year at the beginning of April were called “Fools,” leading to a day we refer to as April Fools’ Day. Historians are unsure when exactly this celebration of pranks and practical jokes began, but it has been going on for centuries!

If you have a child who is a jokester like mine, this can be a fun day to celebrate. Here is a website that ties in the day with Easter, for some fun jokes to play on the kids. Warning… they will get you back! Easter themed April Fools Day pranks to play on the kids. I loved the idea of wrapping some grapes in chocolate egg wrappers. And on the plus side, you get to sit and eat the chocolates you unwrap! So find some tasty ones!

Some of our favorite ideas:

Pranks to pull at work: April Fools’ office pranks

Kid-friendly April Fools Day pranks that won’t cost you a penny

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