Are You Waiting?

Holidays and end of year are often times of reflection. We are so busy making plans while considering what we have accomplished (or not) each year.

A few years ago I began feeling as though I were waiting. And I had been… for years. Waiting to finish grad school so I could improve my career. Waiting to move. Waiting to move back. Waiting for stability again. Waiting for the birth of my child, then for her to be able to walk and talk.

Waiting is not the same as experiencing. It is also more of a feeling rather than an action in the way I have come to see it. I had a life change a few years ago that required slowing down. A lot. Suddenly I was home with a child and no job and had quite a bit more time to think. Remembering all of the experiences in my life as I approached 40 with a little one, I realized I may have missed out. Always having been focused on the next goal or plan ahead of me. While it is important to have something to look forward to, by focusing only on the outcome we may miss the moments we spend waiting for it.

Now I do not wait. While still looking forward to milestones and making plans, I live daily. That being said, I do believe there are certain times or experiences that you just “get through” and look forward to the end of that difficult time. But overall, it has made life with a child so much more pleasurable to experience rather than wait!

Are you waiting?

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