“BabyList Best” Highlights Top Baby Products of 2015

Miracle Blanket® chosen in list of best swaddlers in 2015The Miracle Blanket® was recently highlighted by BabyList Best as one of the best swaddlers on the market: Best Swaddles

Here is the press release in which they announced their Best Picks of 2015 list:

Oakland, California, December 11th, 201
 — Baby List Inc., the universal baby registry, is excited to announce the launch of BabyList Best (babyli.st/best-baby-products). A handpicked and carefully researched selection of the best baby products on the market in 2015, BabyList Best helps expecting parents sift through overwhelming amounts of baby gear to discover the items that fit their own unique needs.

Over 15% of all expecting families in the United States now create BabyList registries. An extremely common concern reported by BabyList users is not knowing which baby products to put on their registry. With so many different brands and baby items available, many parents have expressed their desire to have an “experienced friend” at their side to advise them on which products would be right for their family.

BabyList Best is now that steadfast guide. BabyList surveyed over 8,000 past registrants (who currently have a 6 month to 1 year old child) about their favorite baby products. BabyList Best was created using these results, as well as the insights of top baby gear experts and BabyList contributors. Topics include best strollers, best cribs, best swaddles, best baby carriers, best bouncers and swings, and best bottles. Each product guide covers a variety of brands and price ranges, providing realistic advice for parents to determine the best products for their own family.

In 2016, BabyList expects to expand BabyList Best to include new products that will be found useful and valuable by families. BabyList also plans to add more guides that provide best practices for using baby gear, such as guides to cloth diapering and building a first wardrobe. Brands included in BabyList Best can now share the awards with their followers, distinguishing their products as Best Picks of 2015 and as essentials every expecting family should consider putting on their baby registry.

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For questions about BabyList Best, please contact ela@babyli.st

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