Back to School

Whether you have one child beginning kindergarten for the first time, or children returning to a variety of grades, back to school time can be chaotic. It is also stressful, exciting, sad, happy, and other emotion parents can experience.

My own daughter has not yet begun school; she will start kindergarten in September. But all of our neighbors returned to school or went for the first time this week. Kids seem excited but sleepy. They are thrilled to meet the teacher and see old friends or make new ones.

As a mom, I hear all sorts of back to school stories from parents, articles, and a few kiddos. How, as a mom, am I to manage these feelings I have when my only child leaves for school 5 days per week? How does a mom cope?

One thing we learn as parents is that preparation is key. When it comes to anything important to our children, planning matters. Whether you are a planner by nature or prefer to be spontaneous, in this we can all agree: prep work is essential during back to school time. Whether it is purchasing the necessary school supplies, paying enrollment and other fees, or setting up extracurricular activities, we need to plan ahead and manage schedules.

In addition, we are resilient. Parents get it done, we move on to the next challenge, and we do it all over again.  Having that all important social support network helps, or at least that one person to talk with about our concerns or worries, happiness, relief, and questions.

So, good luck to you resilient parents, you workers of magic at home and work, you disciplinarians and boo-boo fixers! We will get through these growing pains together.

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