Social Media and the Village

We’ve all heard about the village. It takes a village to raise a baby, we as women need to find our village, or group, or mom friends. How do we obtain a village in our… Read more »

Fall, and Halloween

It’s hard to say what exactly the BEST part of fall might be. The cooler temperatures, beautiful colors, outdoor festivals, foods, sports… and much more. There is a time change to deal with, but see… Read more »


When does sleep become a problem? Well, usually when your child is not getting enough. How do you know when your child is sleep deprived? This is actually a much more common problem that most… Read more »

To Walk, or Not to Walk

Does anyone else use Facebook or Timehop and get to see reminders of pictures of your child from years ago? I do. I LOVE this. It reminds me of everything we were so accustomed to… Read more »

The Rabbit Problem

It starts with a lovey or blanket that is safe for babies. Maybe you got your baby a taggie doll as we did. Then perhaps a first stuffed animal when your child is old enough… Read more »

Vacationing With Children

This week our family went to the beach. 2 adults and a 4 year old, along with an entire SUV completely packed with gear. It took both adults and two trips to get the necessities… Read more »

Back To School!

It’s that time again. The time every parent dreads or awaits with glee. Packing up backpacks, lunches, and getting up earlier to get kids on the bus on time. It can be hard to get… Read more »

Dinnertime Woes

Food is still a sensitive topic in our household. Healthy, too much, not enough, at mealtimes or not, are all issues here. I used to enjoy dinnertime, a relaxing time to enjoy homemade food. That… Read more »

Summer Fatigue

Have you begun to count the days until school is back in? Is your home looking a bit worse for wear? Or perhaps you’re just hanging on until the last of the summer vacation. So,… Read more »