Father’s Day

Father and ChildWhat does the father of your child(ren) want this Father’s Day? Does he love having a day free to explore his hobbies he usually has no time to enjoy? Time to sleep in? What about a day to relax while getting gifts and cookies made by the kids? Dinner out with the family? How do you celebrate the dad(s) in your life?

This year we celebrated Father’s day with dinner out and gifts followed by a free outdoor symphony downtown. Then the following weekend I “surprised” my husband with our first weekend away in four years. I was so excited about it that I told him only a couple of weeks after I reserved it this spring. We’ll see if it turns out to be a good gift. Who wouldn’t enjoy 2 child-free days at the beach? It was my choice for my gift, and I saved up for it for a while.

I think what matters in terms of what you plan for Father’s Day is what is important to your husband, what kinds of things he likes, if he prefers to be alone or in groups, is a home body or prefers going out. And in turn, key to finding the Father’s Day gift that is right for the dad in your life, is gearing it toward the person. You don’t have to get very creative, or elaborate, or imagine what you would like if it were you. Is he a movie buff? What about movie passes with dates planned for a couple of his upcoming favorites? Does he like fashion? He may like a new watch or clothing. Does he love the outdoors? What about a camping weekend or new tent/supplies? Or new bike? Tools, electronics, jewelry making supplies? Simply try to match the gift to the person. And feel free to share your fun ideas here!

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