First Birthday Ideas

Looking for fun ideas for the perfect first birthday party for your little one? So many ideas to choose from… so little time to look when caring for your baby! Here is a list of some great first birthday ideas all in one place.

  1. Schedule a party at a playplace which has a special section for crawlers and toddlers. Some provide supplies while others require you to bring your own. Bonus – you don’t have to clean up afterward.
  2. Create a fun playplace at home by moving furniture from one room and adding soft foam for kids on the floor, plus soft toys and a play mat or 2 if you have a friend who can lend an extra. Block the area off and let the little ones enjoy supervised play while the adults enjoy their own conversations nearby.
  3. For a small party, consider using a restaurant and calling ahead for reservations. Bring a birthday cake, if allowed by the restaurant. If not, try meeting for cake at a nearby location afterward. We have done this and it worked best for a lunchtime party. This way we could enjoy a casual lunch with family and then allow the kids to play outside and make a mess with the cake afterward, outdoors and without much concern for the mess.
  4. Consider a State Park or National Park as a fun and unique birthday party location! Check out your local park for activities and availability.
  5. Does your city have a kids’ discovery museum or learning place? Most of these have areas to rent for birthday party fun after the kids explore and learn in a safe environment.

These are just a few options for a first birthday party… have fun planning your child’s party and don’t forget to consider nap times when choosing the time!

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