Jump out of the car, sling purse over arm, yank open the back door and pull out child(ren). Remember sippy. And snack. Because Heaven Forbid a little one should suddenly realize they are starving to death and must eat immediately. The only way a child ever seems to get hungry… all at once. Otherwise known as “hangry”.

I’ve noticed a lot over the last few years that my particular child is never hungry… until she is “starving to death.” “Did you eat your lunch?” I ask. “I ate the berries” she answers. “Well no wonder!” I sigh. There was a turkey sandwich in there. But then later she admits she does not like turkey.

These days, I put the same exact sandwich with the same exact condiments in the lunch box, every time. Every day for the last 100 school days. Am I the only one whose child eats a ham sandwich every day? Will she be like this for the rest of her life? I have a suspicion the answers are NO, and OF COURSE NOT. But I worry. It’s my job, after all.

Those of you with hangry children, what is a parent to do? If I give a snack, she will eat a poor dinner. If hungry, my child will eat anything. Otherwise, she is extraordinarily picky. So, like many, I have a choice.

How do you deal with your hangry little one(s)? Some days I let mine know I am making a good dinner so she can wait. Other days… HA!

Anyone hear about “Hangry Kim” the 17 year old Olympic gold medalist snowboarder? She won gold with her first run, then tweeted about being hangry between the second and third, after which she completed an almost perfect third run. Maybe hangry is the way to go! This example may not convince me not to give in to the “hangry” for my own sanity, but it does say something about motivation!

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