Holiday cheer?

What makes you smile over the Christmas holidays? Whether the season brings good feelings or bad ones, there is a lot going on this time of year to smile about! I’m seeing a lot of people out there looking miserable and angry. While everyone knows this is par for the course over the holidays (we’re tired, busy, and dealing with a variety of stressors at Christmastime), I thought I’d share some of the brighter things to lighten the mood this time of year!

LIGHTS – When we need to de-stress or get in a better mood, we just drive around and look at the Christmas lights. They’re soothing and lovely, and getting away from what we’re doing for a little while helps us refocus our attention. Looking at beauty certainly lifts the mood.

DECORATIONS – Although I don’t like putting them up at first, it helps me really get into the holiday spirit, and make the house look beautiful.

REASON FOR THE SEASON – Get into the Christmas spirit of cheer and thankfulness by getting involved in your local church or other program that helps others.

TREATS – Some of the yummiest treats are offered during the month of December. Christmas cookies, cakes, and desserts are the best. Use in moderation.

And finally…TRADITIONS – See our previous blog post about Christmas Traditions!

Family time can be hard to come by during this busy holiday season. Find a way! It’s important to share this time with family members, however you are able. And make sure to use any free time during those busy schedules to rest and reflect. We all need time to rest and recharge!

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