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Miracle Blanket® Adds Wearable Blanket to Its Award-Winning Family of Baby Sleep Products

Miracle Industries, LLC, the inventors of the award-winning Miracle Blanket®, today announce the launch of Miracle Sleeper®s, a line of wearable blankets designed for babies who have graduated from swaddling. In addition to providing safer sleeping by replacing loose blankets in the crib, babies can kick off the Miracle Sleeper®s; ensuring baby sleeps soundly through the night.

Miracle Sleeper®s are available in five colors (blue, beige, pink, yellow and grey) at Amazon.com for $31.99 and come in small, medium and large, fitting babies up to 36 lbs. The company says it will add more colors soon too.

Mike Gatten, the CEO and founder of the Miracle Industries, LLC, says the Miracle Sleeper® is the perfect companion product to the world famous Miracle Blanket® swaddler he invented more than a decade ago when his third and youngest son suffered from colic.

“Our newborn customers eventually outgrow the Miracle Blanket® and then need a wearable blanket option. For years, our customers have asked us what they should use when their baby outgrows the Miracle Blanket®. To meet their needs, we worked with our product development team to launch our new graduate sacks. We are happy to provide this product for the families who have depended on the Miracle Blanket® brand to help them calmly get through the joyous baby years with plenty of sleep,” says Gatten.

The Miracle Sleeper®s are safe and comfortable to use all night long and for naps. They are made of a lightweight cotton material and have a large, loose bottom to provide for ample leg and hip movement. Also, Gatten adds that there is no scratchy and noisy Velcro(TM) that might irritate baby’s skin or damage other clothes in the wash.

Offering products that provide maximum performance and effectiveness, while keeping baby well-being and safety in mind, is the top priority at Miracle Industries, LLC. Our Miracle Sleeper®s can help parents rest easy knowing their baby is warm, comfortable and safe, adds Gatten.

Additional features of Miracle Sleeper®s include:

  • Shortened zipper with top snap to ensure the blanket zips easily and avoids pinching baby’s chin
  • A bottom-up zipper to provide a safer start for restless squirming babies
  • Sleeveless blanket allows freedom of movement for self-soothing and prevents overheating
  • Scoop neck keeps blanket from baby’s chin to avoid triggering rooting response
  • Padded underarms absorb perspiration and eliminates chafing or heat rashes
  • Tapered design retains warmth and provides room for development of hips and knees
  • Zippered bottom allows for easy diaper changes

To purchase a Miracle Sleeper®, visit Amazon.com. The Miracle Sleeper®s are currently distributed exclusively by Hippo Tails and will launch nationally in June 2014.

About Miracle Industries, LLC

Miracle Industries, LLC, parent company of Miracle Blanket®, is based in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Father of three, Michael Gatten, formed the original company as AMB Enterprises in early 2002 to produce and distribute the dad-invented Miracle Blanket®, a best-selling, pediatrician recommended and parent approved swaddler that works hard to calm fussy babies and give parents and babies a peaceful night’s sleep. Substantial success led to the dissolution of the Oregon based AMB Enterprises and the subsequent incorporation in New Mexico as Miracle Industries, LLC in October 2008. Primary distribution for Miracle Blanket® is via the Internet, and through major retailers, pediatric offices, maternity wards, independent boutiques and select childcare professionals. Miracle Blanket®s are sold throughout the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Switzerland, Canada, Israel, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Japan, Taiwan, China, Indonesia, and the Philippines to name a few.

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