Mom Guilt

“The days are long but the years are short!”

“Enjoy this time when they’re little; you will miss it when it’s over!”

“Cherish this time.”

These are just a few of the phrases I remember hearing when our daughter was very young and I was struggling more. They are all true. Very true. But unfortunately, they can also bring about the MOM GUILT. This strange and sneaky little visitor seems to come at unexpected times. For example, I see all the wonderful crafts other moms/kids have made in the kindergarten class. Ours was socks, raffia, and a hair bow. Oops! MOM GUILT for not being crafty or interested in kindergarten art projects. Seeing the crafty crafts is so fun. Doing them… well, not so much for me.

Moms are all so different! Some love, ADORE really, the baby stage, some will always miss the early toddler stage, and others enjoy the elementary school years. As our children age, we age. And as they grow and change, we also grow and change. Learning, progress, and challenges are good for our brains. Our anxiety… well that’s a different blog! And yes, we may miss “those days” at some point. Perhaps you already do. That does not necessarily mean you have to enjoy it during the difficult times! I openly admit to my love of my child and strong dislike of the baby phase. At the same time, I utterly love each year more than the last. Communication, understanding, and change are all exciting to see and make me wonder almost daily what kind of adult my child will become.

These days, I remind myself that some of the small things don’t matter, balance is the important thing, and I DO rock at some things. Planning a play date, getting outdoors, making sure my child has food every single day. Those are my talents. And I will enjoy those moments to the fullest. Just not all of them!

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