Mom Hacks

Have you seen the recent mom hack of using the large wipes box to keep clothing, changing pad cover, diapers, and a small package of wipes handy? If I had a baby I would definitely do this. I wish it had been shared back when I did!

What are some amazing or useful mom hacks you use?

Recently I also saw a FaceBook post in which moms chose their most and least useful baby item. It was fascinating to me how many of the items were on both lists depending on which mom was responding. One mom couldn’t live without the diaper genie; one threw it down the stairs one day. Okay, that last mom might have been me. But the point remains, moms value different items and uses so differently! One mom’s loved item is another’s hated item. While this makes it hard to make recommendations of “most useful” baby items, to me it reflects how different parents can be in their approaches.

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