Off to Camp

School is nearly out for summer break. How do you plan to spend this time with your family? Working parents hire babysitters or continue daycare; stay at home parents find activities for their child so they aren’t pulling their hair out.

Beginning as early as February, I began to see local camps advertising like mad for their summer programs. They all look amazing. One large state park offers an amazing outdoor camp all summer. There is an art camp, music camp, dancing camp.

Since school ends in two weeks here, these camps are about to begin. They accept children as young as 5 or 6 to spend a day at camp. My child is 4 and will be until the end of summer when school begins again.

So, this year I saw the camps again and decided to have our own “camp” this summer. One week we will focus on the outdoors. We will dig holes, look at dirt and rocks and bugs, and watch birds and look up their names. Another week will be all about art; going to a museum and making our own. On rainy days we will listen to music, watch videos of different types of dance, and call it dance camp.

Most of this will involve a generous use of Google. It may not be real camp, but it will be awesome.

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