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slingswaddlejourneySling & Swaddle Journey Contest Winner Announced

Hotslings® and Miracle Blanket®® are pleased to announce the results from the Sling & Swaddle Journey, a virtual competition on Twitter that captured the vibrant, real-life adventures (and mis-adventures) of 30 select moms with newborns. Jen Levine-Fried of Boston, Massachusetts, better known as Mom_04, won the grand prize valued at over $2,000 in products for her commitment, involvement, content, followers and overall sassy style.

“[Baby] Ava and I really enjoyed our month of tweeting about our experiences with our Hotslings and Miracle Blanket®s,” said Levine-Fried, a self described pinko-commmie, bleeding-heart liberal, feminist chemist-turned-social worker-possibly turning accountant mom. “By far the best part of the month, however, was connecting with the other Moms in the contest. We gave each other support, feedback, and encouragement through some of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of our lives (and our babies’ lives!), and the community we’ve created together is an added bonus.”

After selecting 30 winning moms from over 200 applicants in the U.S. and Canada, the Sling & Swaddle Journey kicked off taking a look at the dawn of motherhood over the course of 30-days in June. Each mom was provided two Miracle Blanket®s, one Hotslings, a special Sling & Swaddle Journey Twitter account and contest parameters to creatively dialogue in an open-diary platform about juggling motherhood, work and love life in this overly complicated modern world.

“It was really hard to choose just one winner because we had so many fabulous, witty moms that were really giving it their all,” said Susan Havens, VP of Marketing for Miracle Industries, LLC., home of the Miracle Blanket®. “But in the end it was Jen’s colorful, transparent personality and true connection with other moms that catapulted her to the top of our radar.”
Levine-Fried and her daughter Ava will take home prizes from Miracle Blanket®, Hotslings, Medela, Patricia Ann Designs, Avon, Babies R’ Us, Pregnancy & Newborn, Dr. Harvey Karp’s DVD The Happiest Baby on the Block, Diapers.com, Baby Bump, Diaper Clutch and Kodak. Together the mother daughter team will also be featured in a special Pregnancy & Newborn online magazine editorial.
“We are absolutely thrilled with the way the competition unfolded with such momentum, a great following and some pretty transparent, entertaining and heart-warming dialogue,” said Kacy Jones, Creative Marketing Manager for Hotslings. “In fact it was so successful we are planning on turning the website into some type of community blog for our 30 tweeting moms to contribute to and continue to share their adventures.”
A panel of judges selected by representatives from Hotslings and Miracle Blanket® chose the winning mom based on select criteria that included the number of followers, content & number of total updates.

To learn more about the contest go to www.SlingandSwaddleJourney.com
To read more about the hosting companies visit www.miracleware.com and www.hotslings.com

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