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Aqua Stars Miracle Blanket & MiracleWare Muslin Swaddle Set


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The perfect luxuriously soft 100% cotton sleep combination for baby, the Miracle Blanket® simplifies swaddling with a snug, cozy wrap that eases fussiness while the Muslin Swaddle blanket is plentiful in size   for easy wrapping or lay-and-play.

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Encourage a sweet slumber with this perfect sleep combo for baby. The luxuriously soft 100% breathable cotton oversized muslin swaddle blanket is plentiful for easy wrapping or      as a lay-and-play blanket.  Or choose the on size fits all world famous Miracle Blanket® for a snug, cozy wrap  that’s simple to use and sure to comfort a fussy newborn. Miracle Blanket® *100% cotton, *Helps fussy babies sleep great * Helps babies sleep better on their backs *No Velcro to scratch or wake baby *Machine wash, tumble dry Muslin Swaddle *100% all-natural cotton muslin *Lightweight w/open weave *Breathable  *Generously sized *Multi-use swaddle *Softer with every wash *Machine wash, tumble dry

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Weight 0.55 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in


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