Dinnertime Woes

Food is still a sensitive topic in our household. Healthy, too much, not enough, at mealtimes or not, are all issues here. I used to enjoy dinnertime, a relaxing time to enjoy homemade food. That… Read more »

Summer Fatigue

Have you begun to count the days until school is back in? Is your home looking a bit worse for wear? Or perhaps you’re just hanging on until the last of the summer vacation. So,… Read more »

Father’s Day

What does the father of your child(ren) want this Father’s Day? Does he love having a day free to explore his hobbies he usually has no time to enjoy? Time to sleep in? What about… Read more »

The Baby Stage

Some parts of the first year you will remember clearly, like watching a movie. Other parts you will have no memory of, which is typical and probably a good thing. There are things that surprise… Read more »

So Much STUFF!

“Oh my gosh, I don’t even know what that is for!” – me looking at another new baby device/toy/thing. I’m beginning to feel a bit like an alien. Like I landed in a world of… Read more »

We’re All Different

Most human beings tend toward conformity. We buy similar products and styles. People in geographic areas have certain accents. We look at others to help us make decisions. “Does that work for them? Perhaps it… Read more »

School’s Out For Summer!

Did that song just pop into your head? Do these words make you want to jump for joy or run for the hills? Let’s look at the wonderful fun of summer to come. For those… Read more »

Fun with a baby?

Once you have mastered (haha) taking care of an infant, they have a sort of nap schedule, and you begin to realize your baby is no longer an infant…and you realize you need OUT. You… Read more »

And what about NAPS?

Nighttime sleep is so important. Many people equate baby’s sleep as being in the same category as feeding. One friend told me sleep was far more important to their family than food! But baby/toddler sleep… Read more »

Why is Tummy Time So Important?

It is now recommended to lie babies on their backs for sleep. We also use carriers, car seats, things like rock-n-plays, and other useful and safe places for baby to be while we go about… Read more »

Rainy Day Fun and Fort Building

Whether you have an infant, toddler, or mix of both, rainy days when everyone is stuck inside can be rough. Is the weekend finally here, only to have thunderstorms and strong winds? What do you… Read more »