Nighttime Fears

Yes, we were the family with the water bottle labeled “Monster Repellent” in a desperate attempt to allay that nighttime fear. A little more than a year ago our 3-year-old woke up and refused to… Read more »

Off to Camp

School is nearly out for summer break. How do you plan to spend this time with your family? Working parents hire babysitters or continue daycare; stay at home parents find activities for their child so… Read more »

Mother’s Day

I sat at a table at the place with my daughter’s name and a colorful little bound book. There was a gift bag in front of me and a row of fruits and muffins on… Read more »

Mom Hacks

Have you seen the recent mom hack of using the large wipes box to keep clothing, changing pad cover, diapers, and a small package of wipes handy? If I had a baby I would definitely… Read more »

The Pool!

Here in the South, swimming season is in full swing. It approached 90 degrees today with sunshine and warm breezes. So I did what many moms do when playground equipment is hot enough to burn… Read more »

The Social Media Village

Everyone has heard the saying “It takes a village.” Moms talk about the need for a social support network when raising a child. We usually consider the village to be made up of family, friends,… Read more »

Baby Boxes

There is a lot of disagreement about space. Do you need it? Should you give someone else more? Are you giving too much? What about space when sleeping? I saw a report on the news… Read more »


A child’s sense of wonder and excitement is an amazement to me. I find myself thinking about it often these days. Do you ever see your child’s reaction to something mundane and feel so surprised?… Read more »

Cherry Blossoms

I saw an ad for it again today. The Cherry Blossom Festival. Our family would like to go, we see the festival advertised every year. And… every year we miss it. Parenting brings forgetfulness, far… Read more »

Spring, the Season of Love

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, it continues to feel like the season is all about love. We talk about the beginning of spring. Parents and children alike become excited about the upcoming Spring Break,… Read more »

Blanket Advice

Like most moms, I have gotten a lot of advice about raising a child. The beauty of advice is that you can take it… or leave it. While advice is sometimes just judgement in disguise,… Read more »

Valentine Crafts and Activities

We’re only days away from Valentine’s Day! At this moment there is a box of my daughter’s homemade cards waiting to be brought to school, friends, and grandparents. Now, I do not love crafting, but… Read more »