Division of Labor

Today I read a funny story about a husband who “refused” to change his baby’s diaper. The man clearly was not alone with his child at any time, or brought the baby to his wife… Read more »

Rice Cereal?

I hear it asked a lot: is rice cereal necessary as a first food? Will it help my child sleep through the night? Can I mix it in the nighttime bottle of breastmilk or formula… Read more »

Healthy Eating!

Some children seem born to be wonderful eaters, trying everything and eating their veggies. Others get a wonderful start with baby food of all varieties then decide at 18 months, 2, or even 3, that… Read more »

It’s Valentine’s, Baby!

Since around the 3rd Century we have celebrated a holiday called Valentine’s Day. From a letter from a Roman, Valentinus, to a young woman, signed “From your Valentine,” comes our current celebration of love and… Read more »

Miracle Blanket® News

Miracle Blanket® Adds Wearable Blanket to Its Award-Winning Family of Baby Sleep Products Miracle Industries, LLC, the inventors of the award-winning Miracle Blanket®, today announce the launch of Miracle Sleeper®s, a line of wearable blankets… Read more »

Arkansas Democrat Gazette

Age-old swaddling has supporters, opponents Swaddling is one of the oldest baby-calming techniques known, and a 2007 review of swaddling by the American Academy of Pediatrics showed that swaddled babies do awaken less often and… Read more »

The State

Some suggestions to save on your new arrival: This blanket is a must: Swaddling is very important for soothing the baby and keeping her from scratching her face, and helping her sleep. The Miracle Blanket®… Read more »

On Cue Media

Sling & Swaddle Journey Contest Winner Announced Hotslings® and Miracle Blanket®® are pleased to announce the results from the Sling & Swaddle Journey, a virtual competition on Twitter that captured the vibrant, real-life adventures (and… Read more »

The Florida Times-Union

momblog mompick: The Miracle Blanket® Although Ella didn’t have colic (which I am thankful for every day), she certainly had some issues going to sleep. Because I was new to the whole swaddling thing, I… Read more »