School’s Out For Summer!

Kids GraduationDid that song just pop into your head? Do these words make you want to jump for joy or run for the hills? Let’s look at the wonderful fun of summer to come. For those of you with young children in school, there are no more pickups or drop-offs at school. That enough is call for celebration! Weather is nice, time spent outdoors in the sunshine boosts your mood. Exercise releases good endorphins and long term can be as effective as an antidepressant. Do you have to pack your child a lunch? Not for the next few months!

How does your family plan to spend the long summer days? Check your local online community pages for listings on free and low cost family activities. Ours has fun free offerings such as outdoor performances by the Symphony, Movies in the Park, and splash pads. On certain days of the week you might find discounts at your local zoo or children’s museum. Have a young child that loves to question everything and wants to learn? Hold “school” at home in which you play teacher and make it fun! Your child might learn more than you think.

Have a newborn during the summer months? I did, almost 4 years ago now. I made use of those early morning wake times to take her on stroller walks to keep from feeling stuck indoors all day. It was 90 degrees by 9am every morning when she was born until she was a couple of months old, so we did this quite often. And it does make life much easier not having to bundle up a baby!

Whatever your summer situation, enjoy this time of warmth and sunshine, take advantage of the time with your children if you are able, and drink lots of water!

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