Spring, the Season of Love

Even though Valentine’s Day is over, it continues to feel like the season is all about love. We talk about the beginning of spring. Parents and children alike become excited about the upcoming Spring Break, and Easter. The weather begins to become warmer. Yesterday we saw geese and turtles mating when we took our 4-year-old to the park. Daylight saving time begins in just 2 weeks.

With the weather warming and the days about to lengthen dramatically, it feels people are waking up. I see more smiles, more people out shopping and spending time outdoors, kids engaging in sports and activities, and generally more excitement. Spring in the south has already begun, with flowers and trees blooming and temperatures hitting the 80’s a time or 2.

How do you enjoy the season of love, flowers, warmth, and new beginnings? Here, we happily shed our sweaters and boots for short sleeves and shorts. Rain floods yards and we begin to see green poking through the earth. Families rush to the beach, the mountains, Disney! My daughter asks daily when the pool (our neighborhood pool, grandma and grandpa’s pool, the YMCA pool, ANY pool) will open! She asks to spend weekend days outdoors and our skin darkens. Other kids around seem to have the same healthy glow. They can finally play and enjoy being outside. Each day passes… and we get closer to Spring.

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