Summer Stress Relievers

Summer is almost here. By our weather, you would think it had already arrived in some states! Children have been out of school. And, while we celebrate the end of the drop off and pick up lines, making lunches, fundraisers, and other myriad of school issues, we also mourn the sheer energy it takes to keep up with our children in the summertime.

What to do if your child suddenly becomes a handful this Summer? Most of the information we come across recommends one thing over all others. That is exercise. In any form, exercise helps a child expend that energy. But not just that! Exercise also fosters brain growth. That’s right, running and jumping help their brains to learn more effectively, take in stimuli more effectively, and assists in healthy development. New synapses grow. Memory is improved.

And for us parents, here are some great summer stress busters!

  1. Plan some fun summer plans for you and your family. Studies show we feel happier when anticipating a trip then during or after it!
  2. Take breaks. If you can get a sitter for a few hours once a week, do it. If you can get one for longer or overnight, DO IT.
  3. Swap out with a friend. Take a friend’s child for an afternoon with your own. Do the reverse another day. Repeat as needed.
  4. Try yoga or meditation. It works, if you do it! And it does not take long.
  5. Walk. As with children, exercise of any kind works wonders for our mental health.
  6. Give your child both chores and activities. When kids are busy, everyone wins.
  7. Skip cooking. One night a week we have “eat what you want” night. You can eat what you find or can make easily.
  8. Slow down. Doing too much leads to burn out. Plan some down days in your schedule if necessary.

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