Summer Vacation

I read a report on a news site the other day that said a study showed 24% of Americans were not able to afford a vacation this year. The study was not cited so we cannot attest to the accuracy of this, but I do hear families saying a vacation is not in the cards for them right now.

Are you planning a yearly trip to the beach, mountains, or Disney? Perhaps going out of the country? Or are you looking forward to a staycation… all the fun and no packing?

There are a lot of reasons to choose a staycation. A few families I know prefer not to travel during peak times. Others cannot take off work for a week at that particular time of year, whether it be spring break, holidays, or summertime. Some have younger children not yet in school, so they are not bound by the school schedule this way.

If you are able to travel this Summer, enjoy! If not, check your local mom pages on FB and online, as well as mom blogs, local paper, neighborhood and community pages, libraries, bookstores, parks, and rec or community centers for info on some great deals and fun activities for your family!

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