Expert Advice: Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson

Nicole Johnson is Founder, President, and Lead Sleep Consultant of The Baby Sleep Site®, an online company devoted to helping parents of sleepless babies and toddlers solve their children’s sleep issues. The company was borne out of Johnson’s own experiences as a sleep-deprived mother of two. After spending countless hours researching baby sleep, Johnson was able to solve her sons’ sleep issues, and in 2008, she created an online message board in which she shared her wisdom and experience with other exhausted parents. What began as a small side-business has blossomed over the past 6 years into the web’s leading resource on baby and toddler sleep help.

The Baby Sleep Site® offers parents a variety of baby and toddler sleep resources, including their wildly popular free guide, 5 Ways To Help Your Child Sleep Through The Night. To download your free guide copy, visit today!

Nicole was kind enough to provide us with excerpts from three of her books. Hopefully something here can help you with your unique baby sleep challenges:

Nicole’s Own Words About the Miracle Blanket®:

As a sleep consultant, I am always on the lookout for helpful sleep products that I can recommend to my clients. And one of the products I recommend most? The Miracle Blanket®! I can recommend the Miracle Blanket® without reservation, because I used it myself, with both of my boys. It was such a lifesaver for my husband and me! I was never as good at swaddling as my husband was (go figure!), but even he sometimes had trouble.

That’s when we decided to try the Miracle Blanket®. After one night, we were sold! It made swaddling so much easier, and we felt like the Miracle Blanket® swaddled our boys tightly enough that they were soothed, but not so tightly that we felt concerned about safety. And we loved that the Miracle Blanket® eliminated the worry about loose blankets in the crib!

The sleep consultant in me recommends the Miracle Blanket® because it’s a great value, and it is one of the best products available to help soothe and calm fussy babies. The mom in me recommends it because I know, personally, that it just works!

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