I had read Dr. Karp’s book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and I had also seen Dr. Karp demonstrate


I had read Dr. Karp’s book, The Happiest Baby on the Block, and I had also seen Dr. Karp demonstrate his swaddling method on a TV program, along with his other recommended calming methods. Also, in the hospital, a nurse demonstrated swaddling with receiving blankets to my daughter and her husband. But it was a very ineffective swaddle for any infant who squirms much, and our little Annika did squirm and fuss a lot.
None of the many blankets my daughter received as gifts were very effective blankets either, and none of them were large enough to do the swaddling as Dr. Karp recommended. So, I bought flannel material to have two larger blankets sewn for us. This time, the size was great, but Annika could still squirm out of them, and they became “scrunched up”, especially when transferring Annika from one person to another. I searched for better blankets in the stores that would be of thinner, stretchier material. I finally located some that were the best option at that point. However, Annika’s father was very frustrated trying to swaddle and quit trying even though I kept telling him it would help to calm Annika down when he was “on duty”.
Finally, I searched the Internet for swaddling blankets. I wasted a lot of time until I finally discovered your site. I could tell immediately, upon seeing the simple drawings and instructions for your Miracle Blanket®, that your blanket would finally do the trick.
By this time, my two daughters and their husbands were really tired of hearing about the wonders of swaddling. When I told them I had just ordered a blanket called the “Miracle Blanket®”, they all rolled their eyes. Soon, however, those eyes stopped rolling and started sleeping because the Miracle Blanket® helped her to sleep more than short catnaps throughout the day. She would wake up with a smile after having good two-hour naps, instead of always waking up with a frown and crying after only very fitful, short naps. Finally, we could take some photographs of a smiling baby.
Because Annika still loves to be swaddled, but appears to have outgrown the blanket, we would love to have a little larger version of your Miracle Blanket®.
By the way Annika’s father couldn’t believe how simple and effective the Miracle Blanket® is, and he’s telling other people about the wonders of swaddling, after discovering that swaddling was not difficult at all with the Miracle Blanket®.

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