MIRACLE!!!! This blanket is truly just that!

Image of Dr. Jassey
After 3 of my own kids using it, countless friends using it, and literally thousands of my patients using it, this blanket has really been nothing short of a miracle to all that used it.  It was a big reason in helping my kids sleep thru the night within the first month of life.  All babies have an immature nervous system and will do the startle reflex which causes them to wake up.  With this Miracle, they now feel like they are back in their mothers’ womb and that they are being held.  Babies are creatures of habit….getting them started on a good sleep cycle at a younger age will transcend to better sleeping habits as the months and years go on.  This Miracle does just that.  Thank youMiracle Blanket for working wonders on my kids and for making me being the “hero” to my patients all because of the miracle that you did!!
—Dr Jassey