Our baby was born two months ago. She was very fussy and wouldn’t sleep through the night or take na


Our baby was born two months ago. She was very fussy and wouldn’t sleep through the night or take naps longer than 15 minutes. After a week, my wife and I needed rest as much as our baby. We saw a famous pediatrician on the Oprah show talking about how great it is to swaddle so we asked our pediatrician. He agreed. He recommended we take a class in swaddling – seems silly now. We became experts quickly and it helped immensely. However, within two weeks, Isabella outgrew the receiving blankets we had, and we couldn’t find a better one at the local stores. When the original blankets became easy for her to fight her way out of, she began tossing and turning and scratching her face – just like you mention in your literature – and we couldn’t find a way to make her stay wrapped up. Isabella did not sleep well at all for a couple weeks until we received a Miracle Blanket® from a mutual friend.
When you are as frustrated as we were, it sure is nice to find a product like this that solves a big problem so easily and, above all, naturally.
It is definitely a simple concept – but aren’t the best concepts always the simplest? I have to say we were skeptical at first and couldn’t see why this blanket would be so different from so many others we’ve seen. But as soon as we used it the first time, it became very clear that this was something truly unique and wonderful. My wife cannot believe how easy and effective it is, and it’s obvious that Isabella likes the Miracle Blanket® much better than all the swaddling techniques we tried before. She sleeps through the night every night and it has even changed her demeanor, for the better, during the day – she’s finally getting the rest she needs and so are we!
You are right: This is certainly a ‘miracle’ blanket.
Please feel free to use my name and this note for any marketing material you produce: We have told all of our friends about it and we want to tell everyone else we can!
Good luck! You deserve it!

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