A friend of mine had a Miracle Blanket® for her newborn and let me use hers for my newborn. Totally calmed her and kept crying to a minimum. Loved it! Having a new baby next… Read more »

The Miracle Blanket® truly is that . . . a miracle. All the friends that I have given the blanket to rave about how their baby immediately started sleeping longer stretches. It worked wonders for… Read more »

the miracle blanket has become my standard, can’t-do-without baby gift…i give it to every new mom i encounter, because it made such a huge difference for our baby. i just wish more moms knew about… Read more »

The miracle blanket was the best purchase I made for our baby when he was born, so now I buy it for my friends who are expecting.

I am the happy mother of a 10 month old happy baby girl. Simply put, our discovery of the Miracle Blanket® (a forgotten gift in our baby’s closet) when she was 6 weeks old was

I just wanted to come and write a review on your Miracle Blanket®. I received one as a gift for the birth of my son.I LOVE it! The fabric is perfect, even for my cold… Read more »

My name is Brandi and I live in Houston, Texas. I had a baby on Jan. 5th and received the blanket for a gift for our preemie baby girl. I thought it would be something… Read more »

The best baby gift new parents could receive is a “Miracle Blanket®”. My husband and I had our first child, Kate, on 11/16/05. At first she slept fine, waking only at 4:30 to eat. As… Read more »

This is a great product. We used them for our daughter, and are now buying them for our friends’ babies.

Dear CSR: I just wanted to write to share my Miracle blanket miracle story … I was one of those mothers that thought my baby hated to be swaddled. He always got his arms out

the Miracle Blanket® has been wonderful! I’ll be a testimonial any time!