We have twins. We bought 2 Miracle Blanket®s when they were 4 weeks old. I just bought 2 more (they are now 3 months old) because it helps them nap better and they dont sleep… Read more »

LOVE your product. Recommend it to all my friends!!!

This blanket was worth every penny.

the miracle blanket was the best purchase we have made so far!

my sister, her husband, and new baby came home to nebraska for christmas and had been gifted with a miracle blanket. it was amazing to see how beautifully it worked for their little one. she… Read more »

we are so grateful to have found the miracle blanket here in England. Our baby daughter, born on Christmas Day 2005, would constantly wake herself up thrashing her arms around during the night. She now… Read more »

My friend told me about your blanket and what success she’d had with it and she lent one of hers to me to try. I tried it and what a difference in the quality of… Read more »

You have a fantastic product! I didn’t need it for my first child (I was fortunate!), but it has truly been a godsend for me with my second child! I’m recommending it to all of… Read more »

I received a Miracle Blanket® as a shower gift and I loved it! I got another one so that I would have two and it worked great. I bought two today for shower gifts for… Read more »

We received the first blanket as a gift on Monday night and used it right after washing. IT WORKS !! the next night was GREAT !!! Your product is AWSOME!

I LOVE the Miracle Blanket®- Braden is in it right now. It’s the best because he still likes to be swaddled, but he can kick all the other blankets off. I have so many pics… Read more »

I just wanted to let you know again how much we appreciate your help. We love our blankets and are sad to see them packed up in his box of baby clothes. But, I have… Read more »