The Miracle Blanket® is a GOD SEND


The Miracle Blanket® is a GOD SEND and worth its weight in gold!! I first bought it for my daughter in 2005 at the recommendation of another mom. At that time, my daughter was one month old and sleeping just 2-3 hours at most. The first night I used it – she slept 5 hours and by the time she was two months – she was sleeping through the night (8pm-7am)! I have since used the Miracle Blanket® for my twin boys – who have been both sleeping through the night since they were 11 weeks (8pm-7am). People say I’m lucky all three of my kids are good sleepers. I say luck has nothing to do with it – it’s a consistent bedtime routine and the Miracle Blanket®! It is now my stock gift for new moms! =)

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