Our first grandchild had one purchased by his Mom (our daughter) when the traditional swaddling of his regular receiving blankets was not working. The Miracle Blanket® was the only solution and it very rapidly symbolized… Read more »

The best baby gift new parents could receive is a “Miracle Blanket®”. My husband and I had our first child, Kate, on 11/16/05. At first she slept fine, waking only at 4:30 to eat. As… Read more »

We have twins. We bought 2 Miracle Blanket®s when they were 4 weeks old. I just bought 2 more (they are now 3 months old) because it helps them nap better and they dont sleep… Read more »

My freind’s daughter-in-law had one, used it for her first child, and RAVED about it. We thought “miracle blanket”, what could be so great about it? But after our child was born last year, we… Read more »

We loved our first Miracle Blanket® that we used with our first child – it was wonderful! Our daughter loved to be swaddled, and would calm down as we wrapped her in it.

I loved the blanket and used it for my newborn until she was 4-months-old.

I just wanted to say how well the blanket has worked for us. I used it on my daughter at home every night. Now she just started daycare. She initially was having problems napping in… Read more »

Love the Miracle Blanket®! We’ve been using it since our son was 5 weeks old and it really helps him sleep soundly at night.

I love the Miracle Blanket®. I think that every new parent should have one! We got ours for our second child and we wish that we had known about them for our first!

We have been swaddling the twins from day one [with the MB] and consider it absolutely essential for good sleep. These are by far the best blanket. So much so that I’m buying a back… Read more »

I love, love, love your product!!!! I have purchased several for friends and have many people that I have recommended it to also… I have a 4 month old and it really saved me… she… Read more »

A friend bought one and lent me hers. What a great sleeper my baby has become….she is already at 6 weeks sleeping 6 hours in a row…..thank you!!!!!!!!!!!