I have a blanket for my baby girl who is growing out of it now. But we just love this blanket. I recommend it all the time to new parents. Thanks for making such a… Read more »

I used the MB for my son and loved it – we wore out the blanket 🙂 Great product!

My pediatrician was right! This blanket is amazing. I plan to buy for shower gifts.

My friend told me about your blanket and what success she’d had with it and she lent one of hers to me to try. I tried it and what a difference in the quality of… Read more »

This blanket is amazing! The first night I used it with my 2 month old son, he slept all night! This was the first time he had slept more than 2 1/2 hours in a… Read more »

I heard about the MB from a friend who used and loved it. I have been buying these blankets for baby shower gifts as I think they are just the best gift to give!

I have been EXTREMELY happy with your product and will recommend it to all my friends!

A friend gave us a miracle blanket when our baby was 6 weeks old. It made all of the difference in his sleeping.

I heard about the Miracle Blanket® through my parents group. I recommend this blanket to everyone!

I have 10 week old twin boys. The first night of using the Miracle Blanket®, they slept 6 hours and the next 8 hours. I am so thankful to have such a great tool to… Read more »

My daughter used this blanket for my grandson. Its a miracle!

Hi, I have two of your blankets. We loved them and amso glad you make them. They saved us with our firstdaughter who was unconsolable until we got them!