Dear Mike,Just a quick note to say that we loved the Miracle Blanket®. In Aussie dollars, it was quite expensive, but money very well spent. Our big baby boy loved being wrapped in his blanket

I purchased your Miracle Blanket® and received it this week. I would cry [if I had] to go with out it for a while. My son and I are both addicted.Thank you,Christina K.

This blanket truly is a miracle! I’m still using mine and my baby is 3-1/5 months old. At bed time, he normally fusses terribly, so I wrap him up in the blanket and [give him… Read more »

Hello Mike,I am so very happy to say that I have a sleeping baby right now! The blanket is wonderful! He is all snuggled up and sleeping peacefully. He hardly cried while I wrapped him,

My friend gave me her Miracle Blanket® as her baby slept through from day one without it (don’t you just hate some people!). I was reluctant to try it as it looked like a straight… Read more »

Our baby boy LOVED this blanket. He was already a good sleeper, but this made him phenomenal. We always kept an extra one hand just in case he had any “accidents”. When we started using… Read more »

I have used this blanket with both my kids. It still works better than any other blanket!

“I recently bought this blanket for my sister but he always slept beautifully swaddled. And he couldn’t get out of the miracle blanket like he could with receiving blankets.”

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! My baby has finally slept through the night!! And she’s happy!! I have a brand new baby!! Why, oh why didn’t I buy this sooner?? If only I’d heard… Read more »

You have a great product!! I have referred several people to your site.