I want to thank you so much for your blanket! I heard from a friend that it was a lifesaver but did not bother with my first child. When Caroline was 6 weeks old I… Read more »

I bought Miracle Blanket®s for both my daughter and daughter-in-law and they were AMAZING! Both the babies were born in the winter and slept like angels in their blankets. Wish I had known about the… Read more »

Love your product. It made having a newborn so much easier

You might consider advertising as a truly thoughtful and useful gift… no one expects their baby to be fussy and need the miracle blanket, but we REALLY could have used it from the git-go and… Read more »

My husband and I swear by this blanket. It is incredible! My little daughter actually settles and smiles when we put her in it. She already recognizes the routine of going to bed! I received… Read more »

i bought a miracle blanket in June, 2003 for my dd who had severe reflux. It really helped her feel better (not so much in terms of the reflux itself, but the blanket comforted her… Read more »

I will buy this blanket for all of my friends who have babies. We tried other means of swaddling and this one is the only one which worked. My baby is sleeping much more soundly… Read more »

The Miracle Blanket® is great. It is now one of my favorite baby gifts to give.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for this blanket! My first child wasn’t fussy, but it helped him sleep better and longer. My second child was 5 weeks premature, so fussiness is just now showing up at… Read more »

Your product is wonderful. It saved me when I had my first baby.

We LOVE the miracle blanket. We have one and I just bought another. Our baby responds so well to it. The first time we used it she slept for hours straight at one month old!… Read more »

I had triplets on 5-11-04. My night nanny recommended it. Since then, the Miracle Blanket® is my standard baby gift. My friend just had twins, 2 boys, 3.5 and 4 lbs. I can’t wait to… Read more »