I just received the Miracle Blanket® yesterday and used it last night. The only reason I am even able to write to you is because my daughter is still asleep this morning. I read the… Read more »

I am so glad that I emailed you the links to our [message board at ovusoft.com]. As you can see, everyone is ecstatic about your invention. We are using it with gracie but she is… Read more »

I recently received the “Miracle Blanket®” and it is true to its name. I asked the nurse at the hospital to show me how to swaddle my baby for when I got home, but it… Read more »

My friend, Kristin (mom of Brodie and Mason below), highly recommended the Miracle Blanket®. When my twins started going through a fussy stage at about 4 weeks, I ordered the blankets pronto and was extremely… Read more »

my daughter … has been very fussy lately and has not slept more than 2-3 hours at a stretch for the past 2 weeks or so. last night she was exceptionally cranky and my husband… Read more »

We just tried our Miracle Blanket® last night and she slept for 10 hours! Thank you!

My daughter gave one to my son and daughter and I have used it every night. He sleeps in 3-4 hour stretches – which is fabulous! I just bought 2 more! Wish I had known… Read more »

Satisfied Customer

I received the blankets right away, I meant to email you the other day. THANK YOU so much for your customer service and your quick response. You have a wonderful product and I will continue… Read more »

I love your product. I was skeptical at first, but am a definate believer.

Thanks for the amazing blanket! my friend lent me hers and its been a lifesaver!

my sister, her husband, and new baby came home to nebraska for christmas and had been gifted with a miracle blanket. it was amazing to see how beautifully it worked for their little one. she… Read more »