I am a foster parent. I have been using the miracle blanket for so long, I can’t remember where i first heard about it. I often take new borns who were born drug exposed and… Read more »

I am a nanny, and I love the miracle blanket. It makes swaddling so easy. With regular blankets or other baby wraps I\’ve tried, the baby\’s arms wiggle around and move onto his chest, agitating… Read more »

Hello, I am a certified Postpartum Doula in Cumming Ga:) I highly recommend the Miracle Blanket®!!! I recommend it to all of my clients and have bought some as baby gifts. If you want a… Read more »

I ordered a Miracle Blanket® from the internet because I just couldn’t seem to getthe swaddling done well enough to last through the night. My baby was always crying and wiggling out and waking himself

My name is Sheila BXXXX, and I am an emergency shelter mom. About a year ago, I corresponded with you, and told you how I take in newborns for Child Protective Services. I ordered 2… Read more »

I heard about the Miracle Blanket® from a patient of mine and I am buying this one for my baby. If this swaddling blanket works as well for fussy, colicky babies as many of my… Read more »

Hi Mike,By the list of the testimonials on the web site, I would say business is doing well. Let me offer another one: I can tell you that the staff have been very satisfied with

I am a pediatrician and a mother and am now a true (and grateful) believer in your swaddling product, the Miracle Blanket®. It’s terrific and I tell everyone about it when they need more sleep… Read more »

Let me begin by saying thank you for the great gift of the Miracle Blanket®! I had my third baby, Luke, almost 3 months ago and he has been the most difficult of our three… Read more »