I am a foster parent. I have been using the miracle blanket for so long, I can’t remember where i first heard about it. I often take new borns who were born drug exposed and… Read more »

I am a nanny, and I love the miracle blanket. It makes swaddling so easy. With regular blankets or other baby wraps I\’ve tried, the baby\’s arms wiggle around and move onto his chest, agitating… Read more »

Hello, I am a certified Postpartum Doula in Cumming Ga:) I highly recommend the Miracle Blanket®!!! I recommend it to all of my clients and have bought some as baby gifts. If you want a… Read more »

Taken from a recent press release:“Most new parents give up on traditional swaddling with a square receiving blanket out of pure frustration, even though it’s the number one solution for soothing a distressed, fussy newborn,”

Swaddling made simple …Parents swear by our bestselling Amazing Miracle Blanket® to help calm fussy babies.

We used the miracle blanket swaddling blanket on our third baby, and she did very well with it. The miracle blanket was initially suggested by one of my patients, and I have since suggested it… Read more »

Each time I do a postpartum visit with one of my clients, I show them a miracle blanket and explain how it can be of immense help to their baby AND them to help them… Read more »

I am a pediatric intensive care nurse, so I am skeptical about alot of when it comes to my baby. I make no decisions regarding him without the proper research. So when my newborn’s fussiness… Read more »

CD, CCCE, D.O.N.A. Certified Doula and C.A.P.P.A. Certified Chilbirth EducatorI just got back from doing a postpartum visit with a mom and dad who had their baby last Friday. They bought 2 Miracle Blanket®s. I

I hope I am thanking you again (and that I have not been remiss in letting you know how much we appreciate your help) for the sample blankets you sent to us here at Duke.… Read more »