Tips For Choosing a Summer Camp

It may seem early to be discussing summer camps in mid April, but trust me, it is not! Most camps in our area are being chosen and registration is in full swing. Orientation meetings, parent meetings, and camp t-shirt pickups have been scheduled or have already begun! With just 20-25 school days here before summer break, it is time to make those camp plans!

First, are you working full time and looking for a camp that similar to full day childcare? Our nearby YMCA and state park have those available, as do athletic organizations and traditional daycare businesses. Is pickup and dropoff available? Or will you be dropping the kiddos there on the way to the office? Look closely at those posted times and at additional cost for early drop-off or late pickup! Most camps make these times fun for children too.

Next, if you stay home and want a week or two of camp during the summer, camp as a birthday gift, or so you can work part time, there are also a ton of options. Moms with newborns could also benefit greatly from a week of camp, as much or more than their older children. Part time camps are available for one week at a time, with some being half day and some being full day. Some camps offer a discount for multiple weeks chosen and for siblings.

Finally, consider your child’s interests. Are they outdoorsy and love water? Look for a local park or wildlife center. Do they love science? Check for a hands-on children’s center or science center. Want to learn to ice skate? Some local ice arenas have camps!

In terms of an exhaustive search for the right summer camp for your child, there are so many great resources! I used our local Macaronikid list for ideas, in addition to local listings on websites for local activities, library sites, local mom blogs, children’s science center, dance studios, community theater groups/centers, and even FB mom groups.

Happy camping!

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