Valentine Crafts and Activities

We’re only days away from Valentine’s Day! At this moment there is a box of my daughter’s homemade cards waiting to be brought to school, friends, and grandparents. Now, I do not love crafting, but I do love my daughter, and came across something fun to share. Now, if you do love crafting, there are hundreds of great activities you can do for Valentine’s Day. I googled quite a few and am in awe of those who can achieve some of the crafts I see on Pinterest! However, if you are like me and don’t adore crafting, but want to participate in an activity for Vday with your little one, I have just the activity for you!

One cold dreary day I went through our construction paper and pulled out pink, red, and white sheets. Folding them in half and drawing half a heart on the red and pink ones, I handed them to my daughter to cut out with her little scissors. She then wrote her friends’ names on the hearts (I had to call out the letters; she’s 4). She then cut the white sheets in half, and used stick glue and put her cutout hearts with names on each half sheet. I wrote Happy Valentine’s Day and she added some stickers I found at a cloth store. Voila! Homemade, personalized, and really cute cards your child can easily make.

More importantly for us, the little cards were fun to do together and did not lead to any whining, frustration, or confusion… for my child OR myself. We were able to enjoy working and talking about school, friends, and how it feels to make something to give to someone. Because it was a simple and uncomplicated endeavor. Sometimes the key to fun for us it just that… keeping it simple!

We always enjoy seeing the imaginative things other families out there are doing for Valentine’s Day. So share your Valentine’s fun with us! And if we love it, we may share it in our blog next year!

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