Valentine’s Day

When I was young, I felt that Valentine’s Day was just a commercialized holiday invented by greeting card companies. As a married woman with no children, it was a date night. That all changed when I had a daughter.

Now Valentine’s Day is quite an affair. My child loves it more than any other day; her mind is full of red hearts, decorations, giving valentines to classmates and friends, and candy. Oh the candy!

Since it was so important to her, I shifted my outlook on Valentine’s Day and jumped in. Looking for creative things for Valentine’s fun like I was? Here are some ideas! This site offers links to each type of activity, recipe, craft, game, and even poetry! Lovely fun for both kids and adults.

On previous Valentine’s Days, we have gone big, with streamers and cupcakes and a party. We have also gone small. And, we have also just GONE. Sometimes after a busy winter following crazy Christmas holidays, it pays to travel off season. You can often find deals for weekends at nearby attractions or national or state parks. This year I found a deal on a lodge/hotel room inside a park just a few hours away that included breakfast. February is often dry and sunny in the south, and we don’t mind any weather. What better way to unwind than an outdoor adventure. Here is a fun article I saw today that reflects my own feelings about family relationships and nature trips: The Power of Spending time in Nature as a Family.

So this year we will pack small paper treat bags with pencils, small bottles of bubbles, and mini Valentine’s cards. My daughter will happily give and receive her Valentines. Then we will spend that Saturday and Sunday exploring the Park. The holiday is a week before our wedding anniversary too, so there is extra reason to celebrate!

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