The Miracle Blanket is made for babies ages birth to 14 weeks.

Babies should ALWAYS sleep on their backs, and never on their sides or stomachs. Additionally, babies should not be swaddled PERIOD, after they begin to roll over. At the age of 14 weeks (unless baby begins to roll over sooner) is the time when you graduate your baby from the Miracle Blanket.

Your baby is now ready for the Miracle Sleeper Wearable Sack in the small size, which is made for 4-9 months.

Step 1

Spread the blanket flat with the foot pouch at the bottom. Lay baby between the arms flaps with the shoulders slightly above the top of the blanket. Pull the foot pouch up over the feet. If baby’s feet don’t reach the bottom (like newborn or smaller babies sometimes do), fold the bottom so the feet are touching.

Step 2

Fold the arm flaps over the outside of your baby’s arms. Then tuck the arm flaps loosely under baby’s back. The arms may then be placed beside the baby (as pictured); or they may be placed on your baby’s chest in a arms over chest position.

Step 3

Fold the short side of the blanket over baby’s belly and tuck it under the left armpit (if arms are down), wrapping all the way under baby’s back. Wrap the long side over the top of baby’s belly and all the way around until you run out of blanket, pulling snugly and keeping the top of the blanket slightly below the top of baby’s shoulders.

Step 4

Enjoy your sleepy, calm and happy baby!

Note: Your baby should be wrapped snugly at all times. It is normal for your baby to fuss when they are wrapped the first few times. After a few times, most babies begin to relax at the mere sight of the Miracle Blanket.

MiracleBlanket® Benefits

• Help baby fall asleep
• Help baby sleep longer
• Help keep babies on their backs (recommended by the AAP)
• Calm crying and fussiness for any baby
• Provide a safe-sleep alternative to traditional swaddling

• Prevent twitching, startling, facial scratches, & breaking out of swaddles
• Make breastfeeding easier
• Provide a healthy hip and leg environment with freedom of movement for proper development
• Allow you to uniquely swaddle “Hand-to-Heart”, arms down, in or out
• Works with any size baby age 0-14 weeks