Thanksgiving Recipes

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks (and eating all the food!) What are you thankful for? Your family, home, career, or health? I am thankful this is not a Presidential election year. And for… Read more »

The Pumpkin Patch

Depending on your child’s age, during the month of October you may be packing up the kids and going to one of the busiest places in October… the Pumpkin Patch. In the South, the Pumpkin… Read more »

Minus One

When you receive that anticipated invitation… whether it be a wedding, baby shower, or another special event… do you also automatically think about getting a sitter? I have noticed so much variety now in these… Read more »

Car Bags for Fall Days

Do you feel that nip in the air that lets us know Fall is coming? Perhaps not yet. But soon! This means it is time to change our wardrobes, our schedules, and our decorations! I… Read more »

Back to School

Whether you have one child beginning kindergarten for the first time, or children returning to a variety of grades, back to school time can be chaotic. It is also stressful, exciting, sad, happy, and other… Read more »

First Birthday Ideas

Looking for fun ideas for the perfect first birthday party for your little one? So many ideas to choose from… so little time to look when caring for your baby! Here is a list of… Read more »

What is Muslin?

In the not so distant past, a type of muslin was the fabric of Indian Royalty. Not so any longer! First made in Mosul Iraq, the city from which it obtained its name, Muslin is... Read more »

Nighttime Fears

Yes, we were the family with the water bottle labeled “Monster Repellent” in a desperate attempt to allay that nighttime fear. A little more than a year ago our 3-year-old woke up and refused to… Read more »

Off to Camp

School is nearly out for summer break. How do you plan to spend this time with your family? Working parents hire babysitters or continue daycare; stay at home parents find activities for their child so… Read more »

Mother’s Day

I sat at a table at the place with my daughter’s name and a colorful little bound book. There was a gift bag in front of me and a row of fruits and muffins on… Read more »

Mom Hacks

Have you seen the recent mom hack of using the large wipes box to keep clothing, changing pad cover, diapers, and a small package of wipes handy? If I had a baby I would definitely… Read more »

The Pool!

Here in the South, swimming season is in full swing. It approached 90 degrees today with sunshine and warm breezes. So I did what many moms do when playground equipment is hot enough to burn… Read more »