Our family recently had a great experience we would like to share. At first, it won’t seem great, but keep reading…

We made plans for a joint trip with friends to the beach. Two sets of parents with one child each… our girl and their boy, the same age. The reservations were made. The excitement was shared. Four-hour drive… done. This is the end of the usual summer vacay, and what became a very different trip for all of us.

Arriving at the small cabin, we discovered the air conditioning did not function properly and it was somewhat infested with jumping spiders. The bath house was not air-conditioned. The first night, the dads cooked seafood outside amidst the largest swarm of flies and gnats I’ve ever witnessed, and I lived in South Florida. The moms escaped with the kids to the pool. The next day the lagoon was lovely… as long as you did not dare to enter it (we did). Oh, the smell and the grime that followed you out! Our group found shade where we could and then went to dinner early to escape the heat, where we all had great food and fun with friends.

Overall on this trip, we all had some fun times and kept a sense of humor, and the kids had a wonderful time and did not know the difference. The beach was beautiful and a short drive away. Our perspective began positive and did not shift. We adjusted to what came and continued to have a nice weekend away. And while none of us would ever want to repeat the trip, we all agreed that a lot of fun was had. And we all appreciated our beds at home that much more!

Over the years I have discovered that a summer vacation rarely turns out as planned. But if you can keep a positive perspective, you might live to vacay another day.

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