Talking. And Talking and Talking and Talking…

You wait and hope for the day. Excitedly encouraging your child to speak that first “mama” or “dada.” My child’s first word was “baby.” Once a child can communicate with you, the world really opens… Read more »

Social Media and the Village

We’ve all heard about the village. It takes a village to raise a baby, we as women need to find our village, or group, or mom friends. How do we obtain a village in our… Read more »

Fall, and Halloween

It’s hard to say what exactly the BEST part of fall might be. The cooler temperatures, beautiful colors, outdoor festivals, foods, sports… and much more. There is a time change to deal with, but see… Read more »


When does sleep become a problem? Well, usually when your child is not getting enough. How do you know when your child is sleep deprived? This is actually a much more common problem that most… Read more »