Because we have seen over a 99.5% satisfaction rating among our customers, we receive incredibly few returns; therefore, we can afford to offer the most aggressive and simple guarantee you’ve ever seen. As a matter of fact if you see a better guarantee for any product, anywhere, show us and we’ll beat it!

Here’s how it works:

  • No restock fee
  • No “Return Authorization Code”
  • No garbage
  • No catch

If you are not happy with your purchase of a Miracle Blanket® for ANY REASON we will refund 100% of your purchase including shipping (**basic, outgoing shipping cost only – we can’t refund express fees**) within 30 days of your purchase. Unlike others, we will refund your purchase even if the reason for your return is that you didn’t like the look of the label! AND IT IS OKAY IF THE BLANKET IS USED AND NOT IN ITS ORIGINAL CONDITION! Can you believe those companies that say 100% money back guarantee, but only if you don’t take it out of the package to see if you like it? READ EVERYONE’S GUARANTEE VERY CAREFULLY! You’d be surprised!


If your blanket has any type of manufacturer defect, we will replace the blanket at any time, forever.


If your blanket is damaged in any way – even if it’s because your baby’s older brother ran it through your paper shredder – we will replace the blanket at any time for up to four months after your original purchase.


If you need a replacement because of damage or defect, email us a picture of the damage and we will let you keep the original until the replacement arrives – we know it’s hard to live without the blanket while waiting for the replacement. If you can’t provide a photo, simply mail the (clean!) blanket to us and we will send a replacement as soon as we receive it (please include a note with the order number telling us what you would like us to do). If you decide to keep the original blanket we will bill you for $29.95 for the used blanket if we haven’t received the return 30 days after you receive the replacement. We like to get the old ones back because we fix them up and donate them to charity.


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The only reason we would reject a return for refund: If you use the Miracle Blanket®, and like it, but your baby grows out of it after successful use (yes, we actually get those kinds of requests) we will not refund your money or send a replacement. WARNING: All babies eventually outgrow the Miracle Blanket® and like any textile that gets heavily used for four months, it will eventually wear out.

If you would like a refund, here’s all you have to do:

1) Within 30 days of delivery of the blanket, send the (clean!) blanket back to our warehouse (or come by in person):

Miracle International, Inc.
265 Scotland Drive
Alabaster, AL 35007

2a) If you purchased the blanket(s) from www.MiracleBlanket.com: Include a note with your name, the order number, and your phone number. If you don’t have your order number, then include the full name and shipping address used on the order so that we can locate it for you. In your note, also mention that you would like a refund so we know it isn’t a return for exchange. We will refund the entire amount you paid for the returned blankets, including their shipping cost you paid at the time of purchase. Although it’s not required, we would also love to know the reason for the return.

Please understand that we can only issue a refund to the card or PayPal account that made the purchase. This means that if you received it as a gift, the gift buyer will be the one to receive the refund. Only if the purchasing credit card has expired or been canceled can we issue it to a different card.

2b) If you purchased the blanket from somewhere other than www.MiracleBlanket.com: Include a copy of your receipt (required!) and a note with your name, phone number, and email address. In your note, mention that you would like a refund so we know it isn’t a return for exchange. Also, you should write your email address on the receipt in case it gets separated from the note. We will refund the amount on the receipt or our MSRP of $29.95, whichever is lower, via PayPal to the email address provided. If you already have a PayPal account, use that email address. If you don’t, you’ll be able to set one up for free when you get email notification of funds waiting for you at the email address provided. You can then have PayPal directly deposit the funds into your checking for free, or have them mail you a check for a modest fee. Although it’s not required, we would also love to know the reason for the return.

PLEASE NOTE IF YOU BOUGHT THE BLANKET ELSEWHERE: Most of our retailers are much more flexible about accepting returns of the Miracle Blanket® than any other product they sell. Unlike just about anything else they sell, they never have to write off a return of a Miracle Blanket® as a loss because we fully reimburse them for every return in the form of a free replacement blanket on their next order from us. So please try returning it to the store first – it will be faster for you, plus if you paid more than $29.95 (or if tax made the total higher than $29.95) then you’ll get a full refund rather than just the $29.95 maximum. We get so few returns that we are able to support our retailers in this way even though it would drive most of their other suppliers out of business since the wholesale cost of this kind of reimbursement is substantially higher than the manufacturing cost. Of course, every store is different, and some have stricter policies than others, and since we can’t force a store to bend their policies for us, some won’t take a return if they can avoid it. So, since we want to stand behind our product 100%, we offer this direct-from-us refund policy for when the store won’t help you. We’re quite proud of this offering, because while some companies will offer product replacement or replacement parts in this manner, we’re the only company we know of that will issue refunds of products bought through their retailers. Most won’t do it because it costs quite a bit compared to the manufacturing costs. In fact, it costs even more than the wholesale replacement costs mentioned earlier in this paragraph. If this was a common happening then it would drive us out of business to offer such a thing, and other companies have such high return rates that it would be unthinkable for them to offer anything even comparable. But our success rate is so high and our return rate so low compared to any of our competitors that, happily, we can do this for you when nobody else can. But please remember, your purchase receipt is required.

3) There is no 3. It’s really is as simple as mailing it to us with a note giving us the information we need for the return.

If you think there might be a catch, please call our toll free number (866) 286-6386 and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We at MiracleBlanket.com have the strongest commitment to quality and service you will find anywhere. Our research has shown that similar products cannot come close to the convenience, ease of use, effectiveness and quality of the Miracle Blanket® – And that is guaranteed as well!

We want to bear all the risk so you don’t have to. Rest assured that you are completely covered when you shop with us at MiracleBlanket.com.

NOTE: Original fabric patterns purchased may not be available for exchanges since our fabric colors change from time to time and since it is possible for us to be temporarily out of a particular color.

** When a blanket purchased from our website is returned we refund “outgoing shipping”. That is, the cost you paid to ship the blanket to you when you ordered it, including the handling cost. This means we refund more than the “return shipping”, which is the shipping from you to us in the case of a return and which wouldn’t include any handling cost. Most other companies refund return shipping only, if they refund any shipping at all. We refund basic/outgoing shipping because we want to take better care of our customers than ALL of our competitors who refund the cheaper return shipping, and then sometimes keep a “restock fee” and demand that you return the merchandise in brand new condition in the original packaging. With us, we don’t even need the packaging at all. We only ask that the returned blankets be clean so that our warehouse doesn’t smell of baby emissions.