How to Manage Your Kids’ Screen Time at Home

Today’s article comes to us from Heather Viera. Heather Viera is a lifestyle expert and researcher for She is dedicated to achieving a balanced lifestyle, even with two small children and a full-time career. In… Read more »

Healthy Eating!

Some children seem born to be wonderful eaters, trying everything and eating their veggies. Others get a wonderful start with baby food of all varieties then decide at 18 months, 2, or even 3, that… Read more »

Back to School? So soon?

Someone mentioned to me that in just a few weeks, the kids will be returning to school. Mine will be starting “big school” for the first time. My husband asked me: “How is she already… Read more »


Our family recently had a great experience we would like to share. At first, it won’t seem great, but keep reading… We made plans for a joint trip with friends to the beach. Two sets… Read more »

Dog Days

Summer is officially upon us! The heat in the south may have begun in May, but it really soars from mid-June through mid-September. How do you enjoy the dog days of summer with little ones?… Read more »

Independence Day

With this holiday only a few weeks away, many families are planning their July 4th fun. When your child(ren) are old enough, how do you tell them about our Fourth of July holiday? When they… Read more »

Summer Stress Relievers

Summer is almost here. By our weather, you would think it had already arrived in some states! Children have been out of school. And, while we celebrate the end of the drop off and pick… Read more »

Summer Vacation

I read a report on a news site the other day that said a study showed 24% of Americans were not able to afford a vacation this year. The study was not cited so we… Read more »

Father’s Day

With Mother’s Day recently past, we approach that other day of celebration of a parent… Father’s Day! One of my favorite quotes related to Father’s Day is by Anne Geddes: “Any man can be a… Read more »

Growing Up

It is a time of change. Endings and new beginnings. Warm weather and graduations! There is no time that I feel my child is growing up too fast more than the month of May. The… Read more »


When should a child take swim lessons? How do we know when they are ready? Honestly, it depends on the family’s location, amount of free time, access to a swim teacher, weather, and your child’s… Read more »

Husband and Wife, Dad and Mom

A friend mentioned to me how she had been looking at photos of her and her husband from 10 years ago when they had only been married a small handful of years and children were… Read more »