Back to School? So soon?

Someone mentioned to me that in just a few weeks, the kids will be returning to school. Mine will be starting “big school” for the first time. My husband asked me: “How is she already turning 6? How is she already starting school??” I echoed the same sentiment. Surprise. Don’t get me wrong, parents often feel a mix of emotions at the beginning of the school year. Especially the FIRST school year. Pride, excitement, trepidation, worry, joy, and sadness all blend together.

By the end of summer most parents are very enthusiastic about the beginning of the school year. No longer will children be home all day, or looking for snacks and entertainment. No longer will they be following you as you vacuum yelling the 84th question at you since you began. Or maybe that is just at our house, although I very much doubt it. Our children can make us feel immense joy and fulfillment. They can also fray our nerves past the breaking point!

Families have so much fun in the summertime. Lazy weekends mixed with beach trips and fun with friends, barbeques, swimming, movies, and picnics. Visits to grandma and grandpa’s house. Many parents tell me they feel surprised it is nearly over. Or that it feels so long!

Stores are beginning to stock back-to-school items already. And I have to say, although I am excited for my only child to begin full day school, I also feel a bit sad we will no longer have so much time together. She will make so many new friends, build a relationship with a new teacher, and learn all that first grade has to offer.

Do you feel a bit of a mixed bag of emotions about your child(ren) returning to school? The relief and the sadness? I read a blog yesterday about making the most out of each summer, each weekend, each minute with your child over the summer. While I understand the idea of it, that is a bit too much for me. No wonder time has gotten away from me!

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