Dog Days

Summer is officially upon us! The heat in the south may have begun in May, but it really soars from mid-June through mid-September. How do you enjoy the dog days of summer with little ones?… Read more »

Independence Day

With this holiday only a few weeks away, many families are planning their July 4th fun. When your child(ren) are old enough, how do you tell them about our Fourth of July holiday? When they… Read more »

Summer Stress Relievers

Summer is almost here. By our weather, you would think it had already arrived in some states! Children have been out of school. And, while we celebrate the end of the drop off and pick… Read more »

Summer Vacation

I read a report on a news site the other day that said a study showed 24% of Americans were not able to afford a vacation this year. The study was not cited so we… Read more »