Father’s Day

With Mother’s Day recently past, we approach that other day of celebration of a parent… Father’s Day! One of my favorite quotes related to Father’s Day is by Anne Geddes: “Any man can be a… Read more »

Growing Up

It is a time of change. Endings and new beginnings. Warm weather and graduations! There is no time that I feel my child is growing up too fast more than the month of May. The… Read more »


When should a child take swim lessons? How do we know when they are ready? Honestly, it depends on the family’s location, amount of free time, access to a swim teacher, weather, and your child’s… Read more »

Husband and Wife, Dad and Mom

A friend mentioned to me how she had been looking at photos of her and her husband from 10 years ago when they had only been married a small handful of years and children were… Read more »