Nighttime Fears

Yes, we were the family with the water bottle labeled “Monster Repellent” in a desperate attempt to allay that nighttime fear. A little more than a year ago our 3-year-old woke up and refused to… Read more »

Off to Camp

School is nearly out for summer break. How do you plan to spend this time with your family? Working parents hire babysitters or continue daycare; stay at home parents find activities for their child so… Read more »

Mother’s Day

I sat at a table at the place with my daughter’s name and a colorful little bound book. There was a gift bag in front of me and a row of fruits and muffins on… Read more »

Mom Hacks

Have you seen the recent mom hack of using the large wipes box to keep clothing, changing pad cover, diapers, and a small package of wipes handy? If I had a baby I would definitely… Read more »