Rainy Day Fun and Fort Building

Whether you have an infant, toddler, or mix of both, rainy days when everyone is stuck inside can be rough. Is the weekend finally here, only to have thunderstorms and strong winds? What do you… Read more »

Division of Labor

Today I read a funny story about a husband who “refused” to change his baby’s diaper. The man clearly was not alone with his child at any time, or brought the baby to his wife… Read more »

Rice Cereal?

I hear it asked a lot: is rice cereal necessary as a first food? Will it help my child sleep through the night? Can I mix it in the nighttime bottle of breastmilk or formula… Read more »

Monsters, Monsters Everywhere!

“I heard a monster in my closet!” Recently my 3 year old refused to get out of bed in the morning, due to her intense fear that the monster in her closet would get her.… Read more »