After marvelling at how deftly the nurses swaddled our little girl in the hospital, my wife and I tr


After marvelling at how deftly the nurses swaddled our little girl in the hospital, my wife and I tried to duplicate their efforts. We got a lesson from one nurse and read swaddling instructions in several books in our attempts to wrap our baby to keep her warm, snug, and secure. From the start, our child slept MUCH better swaddled, sleeping through the night very early. Unswaddled, she constantly woke herself up with the jerky and flailing arms and legs many babies seem to have. While she was very small, it wasn’t hard to keep the swaddling blanket in place. But, as she grew bigger and stronger, the little Houdini quickly learned how to escape the wrap. We tried various arrangements and methods, but she got out of each one. Plus, she seemed to get awfully hot while swaddled because we had to use two blankets to keep her wrapped up.
One day, after hearing about a recent study concerning the benefits of swaddling, I searched online for more information and happened upon the Miracle Blanket® website. The design seemed to make so much sense and appeared easy to use, so I ordered a Miracle Blanket® for my daughter. By this time, she was several months old and we had all but given up swaddling because she either escaped the wrap or became overheated,so our child was no longer able to sleep through the night. The Miracle Blanket® solved our problem. Most helpful was the foot pocket, because it allowed the baby some freedom to move her legs without becoming unwrapped. The internal “wings” kept her arms at her sides so she was able to calm herself when first put down to sleep and avoid waking herself up by fidgeting during sleep. We brought the Miracle Blanket® to our daycare provider, who also was having trouble swaddling our child, and she agreed it was a fine solution to the problem. My mother saw it and immediately asked how she could order several Miracle Blanket®s for baby shower gifts. I know any parent would be delighted to receive such a helpful gift. Thank you for making it available!

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