Dear Mike at Miracle Blanket®,
I have to take the time to tell you that yes – the Miracle Blanket®


Dear Mike at Miracle Blanket®,
I have to take the time to tell you that yes – the Miracle Blanket® truly is a miracle!! You have saved our lives. I know that sounds dramatic, but to sleep deprived parents, it is truly incredible. Our baby boy, Joaquin, is a good baby, but nights were difficult to say the least. He simply could not sleep on his back in his crib, or at least not for very long. His arms and legs would flail about and he would startle himself out of sleep. That is, if we could even get him to sleep, because he would be kicking and moving his arms so much he couldn’t settle down. He became so overtired and would cry inconsolably. It would take us hours of rocking him to make him doze off and then he would end up having to sleep sitting up in his car seat because he was more snug there than in his crib.
Then, in the course of emailing back and forth to my cousin, who also has a newborn, he asked me if I tried swaddling my son. I laughed to myself and wrote to him how impossible it was because he kicked out of his blanket in 2 minutes. Also, he had already outgrown the receiving blankets that the hospital staff had shown us to use to swaddle him. So he told me about the Miracle Blanket®. I had tried so many other ways to put him to sleep I wasn’t sure this method was going to be any better, but I had nothing to lose (except another sleepless night!). I called up and asked for overnight shipping (I was desperate to get that blanket).
My husband was skeptical that this “special” blanket was going to work, but lo and behold – it was the first night that our son slept through the night! In fact we woke up in the middle of the night a bit panicked because we hadn’t heard a peep out of him. When we ran into his nursery to check on him, there he lay, on his back, snuggled in the blanket, looking as content as could be. It has now been a blissful week since we first received the blanket and our baby boy actually smiles as I’m wrapping him up in it for the night. At first my husband thought he looked like a mummy from the shoulders down, but our son loves the secure feeling of being all tucked in, his arms aren’t flailing, and he’s a happier baby because he gets his proper rest.
I have already told several of my friends, who have all become parents around the same time, and one due in August, about the miracle blanket. I’ve even done a demonstration and they were amazed at how he settled down right away.
All I can say is: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!
I will keep spreading the word!
Yours truly (and gratefully),
Julie S.
Forest Hills, NY

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