Dear Mike,
I spoke to you back in May when I ordered my first Miracle Blanket®. I wanted to chang


Dear Mike,
I spoke to you back in May when I ordered my first Miracle Blanket®. I wanted to change my shipping to next day and you were great at doing that. That was very nice of you. As I said, I would be giving it to a pregnant friend of mine as a shower gift. I gave her this in August. I have to say that her mother and many others at the shower I know were thinking, “What the heck?!! What kind of contraption is this, there is no way I would use it.” I had told my friend all about how great the blanket was with our daughter and she knew ahead of time what it was. I wasn’t so sure she would use it though. So the baby finally arrived and I called her one day and her exact words were “You know that blanket really is a miracle!!” She said her son would not sleep well without it. I was so happy that she loved it. She called to order another one from you! So you have another believer! My daughter is now 5 months and we stopped swaddling a little after 4. She kind of hated it and was getting big for it. We would still wrap it around her body to keep her feeling “snug and warm”. I have to say though, she was sick this past week and very fussy one night. The only thing that got her to sleep was wrapping her up again. We have to leave her legs out because she is too long, but we swaddled her arms again. I did that for 3 nights and then stopped. She is sleeping great again.
So keep up the good work. I wanted to tell you my little story since I know some people are thinking what in the world?!

I can’t wait for our next child so we can use it again. This time I will have it from the beginning!!

Sheila L.

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