The miracle blanket saved our lives! Our son wanted to be swaddled but would get out of every generic swaddler with velcro or that we’d try to do ourselves with receiving blankets. The Miracle Blanket®… Read more »

Incredible product! Once my friend let me borrow her miracle blanket and my baby slept 11 hrs!

I used the miracle blanket for the 1st time when helping my niece with her 2 month old baby. I immediately purchased 2 for another new baby in the family. It works because the baby… Read more »

This blanket has been a life saver!!

I received the blankets right away, I meant to email you the other day. THANK YOU so much for your customer service and your quick response. You have a wonderful product and I will continue… Read more »

A friend at work bought one for me before my baby was born. Now that she is here I love it! I am buying myself another one and my sister one for her new newborn.

I have a blanket for my baby girl who is growing out of it now. But we just love this blanket. I recommend it all the time to new parents. Thanks for making such a… Read more »

Hello makers of the Miracle Blanket®… first I just wanted to say a big thank you, as the blanket has helped my son sleep in nice long stretches during the night for the past two… Read more »

You have a great product!! I have referred several people to your site.

Just a quick note on the miracle blanket I bought from you: That thing is AMAZING! My baby will be 4 months old in a week, and has been sleeping 8hrs straight almost every night

I just had my 5th baby 8 weeks ago and she is very wriggly and unsettled.I have seen a lot of silly baby gimmicks since my first child was born almost 10 years ago and… Read more »